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Martin Bashir Compares Governor Rick Scott (R-Fla.) to Stalin


Comparing conservatives to Hitler is old-and-busted. The new hotness, if you ask Martin Bashir, is comparing them to Stalin.</p>
A few months ago, you may recall, Bashir compared <a href="… Santorum</a>
to the long-dead Soviet dictator. Now it's the state of Florida, more
specifically, the conservative Republican Rick Scott, who is getting the
honors. "Why is the Sunshine State in the midst of a purge that even
Josef Stalin would admire?" Bashir rhetorically asked on the way out to
an ad break on today's program. The "purge," by the way, is one admitted
by a Democratic official in Broward County, Florida, to be "very, very
microscopic" in nature.</p><p>Read more <a href="…; target="_blank">at NewsBusters here.</a></p>

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