Maraniss: GOP Always ‘Overplay Their Hand,’ Aftermath of Bill Affairs ‘Served to Hillary’s Benefit’

Curtis Houck | October 13, 2016
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One of the more shameless defenders of the Clinton and Obama families in author David Maraniss appeared on MSNBC late Wednesday night with The 11th Hour host Brian Williams to lament that he’s “suffering a bit from PTSD” from Donald Trump bringing up Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades but not worried because their opponents always “overplay their hand” against “Bill Clinton's defense attorney” Hillary Clinton. 

Mirroring their out-of-control segment attacking Clinton critics during the Republican National Convention (RNC), Maraniss began by telling Williams that earlier in the day, “I had to turn the TV off” because “I was suffering a bit from PTSD from the late 1990s” but seemed comforted because “the Clintons benefit from the fact that whatever their flaws are, their opponent's flaws seem to be greater and become so obsessed with getting the Clintons that they overplay their hand.” 

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