Maher Slimes Trump Sons as Nazis, Mocks Uncle Tom Black Republicans

Scott Whitlock | July 21, 2016
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[See NewsBusters for more.] In a live version of his HBO show, Bill Maher on Wednesday night slimed Donald Trump’s son as Nazis and black or gay Republicans as traitors. During the opening of the show, he sneered, “There was there was an outbreak of Norovirus, the one they get on cruise ships, at the convention. They said avoid shaking hands. So, if you see the Trump boys, just Sieg Heil and walk right on by.” Later, he excoriated, “Do people realize if they are elected Donald Trump, really the people that are going to be running the country are Douche Bag Von Fuckface Trump and Thurston Shit Bag III?” (This is not new material. He tweeted the same line on Tuesday.)