Maher Resurrects Paranoia About Trump Refusing to Leave Office, Tells Holder He Wants Him to Run for President 'Next Time'

Ryan Foley | May 2, 2020
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As he interviewed former Attorney General Eric Holder Friday, Real Time host Bill Maher resurrected his paranoia about President Trump refusing to leave office if he loses the election. When Holder informed Maher that law enforcement officials "have the ability" to remove President Trump from office if he refuses to leave, Maher questioned whether "they have the will" to do that because "police love his dirty draws." Later, Maher was rather dismissive of Tara Reade's accusation against Joe Biden; saying that he initially thought her allegation was "ridiculous" and expressing his wish that "no one would pay any attention to it." In his final question to Holder, Maher asked why the former Attorney General decided not to run for president. When he finished his response, Maher declared "I vote that you should next time."