Maher: Republicans 'Don't Believe in Democracy'

Ryan Foley | October 12, 2019
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Not surprisingly, the panel on Friday's edition of Real Time weighed in on the impeachment inquiry that has sucked up all of the oxygen on Capitol Hill. Host Bill Maher read aloud a statement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying "the way that impeachment stops is with a Senate majority; with me as Majority Leader." According to Maher, "it sounds like he's saying it doesn't really matter what Donald Trump did or does, I will stop it." Maher proceeded to ask "do Republicans still believe in democracy?" Maher cited Trump allies' refusals to comply with subpoenas as evidence that Republicans "don't believe in democracy anymore." Frequent MSNBC Guest John Heilemann pulled an Adam Schiff and grossly misrepresented the phone call President Trump had with the Ukrainian President before declaring "if that is not an impeachable offense, give it the f*** up. There is no impeachment...If you can't impeach the President for this, we should get rid of impeachment out of the Constitution because this is…what the impeachment clause was written for."

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