Maddow: Trump’s Speech Could Be ‘Gateway Drug’ for KKK Becoming Mainstream in GOP


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<p>After her MSNBC colleagues determined that Donald Trump&rsquo;s convention speech Thursday night was a message derived from talk radio to<strong> &ldquo;white America&rdquo;</strong> that he would <strong>&ldquo;protect&rdquo;</strong> them, convention co-host Rachel Maddow stated just after the midnight Eastern mark that Trump serves as<strong> &ldquo;a gateway drug&rdquo; </strong>to transforming the GOP into one featuring people like David Duke (and by extension the KKK).</p>

<p>Thankfully, MSNBC political analyst and establishment Republican Steve Schmidt chose not to attack his own party but rally to their defense in firmly asserting that such a scenario won&rsquo;t happen and called on Trump to find the wherewithal to condemn that element of his supporters.</p>

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