Maddow: GOP Could Turn Into ‘Xenophobic,’ ‘Nativist’ Movement of ‘Hard Right’

Scott Whitlock | February 9, 2016
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On the same night Rachel Maddow dismissed the concept of the liberal media, the MSNBC host sneered that the Republican Party could turn into a “xenophobic” movement of the “hard-right.” Maddow flashed back to the 1996 presidential election and contrasted 2016: “Pitchfork populism and xenophobic nativism of a very, very hard-right cast and [Pat Buchanan] won in New Hampshire.”  If Trump is the nominee, the journalist fretted, “The American Republican Party will be in line with the National Front in France and the U.K. Independence Party in Great Britain and these other types of hard-right.” Regarding Europe, Maddow suggested, “I think they will see it through the lens of their own nativist movements.”

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