Lunatic 'Hardball' Panel: Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Controversy Is Racist and Sexist


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<p>On Tuesday&rsquo;s edition of <em>Hardball</em>, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and MSNBC political analyst/<em>Mother Jones</em> D.C. bureau chief David Corn were unglued over the Susan Rice<strong> &ldquo;unmasking&rdquo; </strong>controversy, suggesting that it was racist and sexist for these accusations to be leveled at the former National Security Adviser because she&rsquo;s never done anything wrong.</p>

<p>Matthews was off his rocker from the show&rsquo;s opening minute, denouncing the Rice story something pushed by the President to <strong>&ldquo;distract attention from the investigation&rdquo;</strong> even though he immediately touted colleague Andrea Mitchell&rsquo;s lengthy interview with Rice hours earlier.</p>

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