Ludicrous! While Talking About Trump "Suck-Up" Bill Barr, Joe Scarborough Compares Him to a Cartoon Character

Margaret Buckley | June 14, 2022
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The left’s reactions to the January 6 hearings just keep getting more and more entertaining. On the Tuesday edition of Morning Joe, main host Joe Scarborough took it to a heavily exaggerated level when talking about former Attorney General Bill Barr by comparing him to a character on The Simpsons.

To start out, Scarborough and friends called Barr out for “sucking up” to Trump. These reactions come after Barr criticized Trump for being “detached from reality” in his deposition to the committee, but said he would still support him in 2024 over a Democrat.

But, it’s no wonder Barr would pick Trump over a Democrat if he was the 2024 Republican nominee. Looking around, it is clear that the Democratic Party is going south with their “progressive” ways that include killing Americans financially, censoring their opinions, and even better:  smothering Americans—including minors, with immoral LGBTQRSTUV+ ideologies. Because all the American people want those policies in place, right?