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‘Losing Streak’; Lemon Gloats About ‘Embarrassing’ Trump Having His ‘Not a Crook’ Moment


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Remember, folks, CNN wants you to think that CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon is merely a “CNN anchor” and an objective journalist instead of a left-wing pundit. Keep that in mind as, while opening Wednesday’s show, he gloated about how the President’s suffering a “losing streak” to the point that he put on an “embarrassing” performance in the Rose Garden.

After showing off a graphic meant to mock the one the President used concerning the Mueller probe, Lemon began a nearly-eight-minute rant by fretting that “[s]o even for this President, even for this President, this was an embarrassing display” and questioned whether the President was “capable of being embarrassed by his own behavior at all.”

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