Loopy Lemon SCREAMS: 'Europeans Did Not Found This Country!'

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 3, 2021
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Following a long-winded shouting match between CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo and former Senator Rick Santorum where the later defended comments he made about the European and Judeo-Christian founding of America, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon lost his mind during the handoff. The irate CNNer was screaming about how Santorum was wrong and how, supposedly, “Europeans did not found this country” but “it was here” before them.

“I’m breathing heavy right now,” Lemon announced after Cuomo finished his pompous and self-righteous handoff smearing Republicans. Huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf, Lemon recounted how he was sitting in his office and fuming at the TV:

I was furious watching that interview in my office. I cannot believe the first words out of his mouth weren’t I’m sorry, I said something ignorant, I need to learn about the history of this country. No contrition, didn't talk about the suffering that Native Americans have had to deal with in this country.

Completely ignoring how Santorum had acknowledged the plight of Native Americans and condemned it, Lemon lasted out. “Did he actually think it is a good idea for him to come on television and to try to whitewash the whitewash that he whitewashed,” he shouted. “I mean, it was horrible. It was horrible. And insulting and I apologize for the viewers who were insulted by it.”


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