Libs On Norquist- 'Hit Him With A Bat' 'Drown Himself In Bathtub'

radioeq | December 11, 2012
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MASON IN OHIO (46:59): Grover Norquist.


MASON: Isn’t he just so yummy you just hit him with a bat.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Oh now let’s the Stephanie Miller show. All right did you get that Newsbusters? We do not

JIM WARD: We’re not recommending you hit anyone with a bat, however if he were to fall into a bathtub and accidentally drown himself, that would be funny.

CHRIS LAVOIE: That would be ironic.

JIM WARD: Ironic, actually ironic, unlike a flying Chardonnay which is just gross.

STEPHANIE MILLER (attempts humor; fails): I somehow hearing rock lobster in my head, there goes the Norquist, okay

JIM WARD: Ha ha ha!