Liberal Launching Pad: ANOTHER 2020 Dem Announces on Colbert

Scott Whitlock | April 9, 2019
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Stephen Colbert is a comedian and not a journalist. But the Late Show host is clearly becoming an arm of 2020 Democrats as another candidate announced on his show, Monday night. Colbert failed to ask Congressman Eric Swalwell a single tough question. Instead, he offered softballs and even repeated the California Democrat’s attack lines against Trump: “You've been very critical of Donald Trump.... You’ve called him a wrecking ball. You called him a Russian agent.” No mention of the fact that the collusion and obstruction claims, which Democrats pinned their hopes on, have fallen apart. No mention of the conclusion on the Mueller report. Instead, Colbert prompted Swalwell’s 2020 announcement with this set up: “What can you do to try to fix what you see is wrong with this country?” 

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