Liberal John Oliver Condemns 'Inexcusable' Biden Betrayal of Afghan Interpreters to Taliban

Scott Whitlock | August 2, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The United States under Joe Biden is slowly betraying Afghani translators who loyally helped us during the 20 year war in Afghanistan. Thousands are still stuck in the country as the U.S. prepares to complete a pullout. Yet, the networks have largely buried this abandonment. It was left to the very liberal comedian John Oliver on Sunday to condemn the “inexcusable” betrayal for his HBO host.  The Last Week Tonight host raged against the Democrat president, using anger and mockery he usually saves for conservatives. Noting that only a “tiny percentage” of those who need to flee the Taliban have been evacuated, Oliver seethed, “The fact that we're just scrambling for a plan now is inexcusable when we've had 20 years to develop one, and for around half that time [as vice president or president], Biden was in the White House!” 

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