Liberal Historian Beschloss: ‘So Poignant’ Obama Admitted He Couldn’t Bridge Partisan Divide


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<p>Moments after President Obama&rsquo;s final State of the Union on Tuesday night, liberal historian Michael Beschloss was a panelist on PBS and fawned over how the President was <strong>&ldquo;so poignant&rdquo;</strong> in lamenting during his speech that he hasn&rsquo;t<strong> &ldquo;been able to bridge the divide&rdquo;</strong> while in office.</p>

<p>Host Judy Woodruff turned to Beschloss and pointed out that either him or one of the other panelists mentioned while watching the speech that the President offered <strong>&ldquo;little chest thumping here&rdquo; </strong>in hyping<strong> &ldquo;the successes his administration has had dealing with the war on terrorism.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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