Lib TV News Ignores Sen. Blumenthal Attending Communist Party Event

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 19, 2021
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

On Friday, senator stolen valor a.k.a. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) apologized and pleaded ignorance when it was exposed that he attended an event affiliated with the Communist Party USA the previous weekend. The entire story came and went last week without so much as a second of airtime from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC.

“My understanding was that this ceremony was strictly a labor event. If I had known the details, I wouldn’t have gone,” the Senator said in a statement on Friday. “Let me just say very emphatically, I’m a Democrat and a strong believer in American capitalism. I have been consistently a Democrat and a strong supporter and believer in American capitalism.’'

Adding: “I go to a lot of events, places, meetings, rallies, and ceremonies in Connecticut. I’m delighted to be invited anywhere, and in this instance, I was invited by local labor unions to honor these three individuals, and that’s why I was there.”


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