'Letting My Hopes Up': Illegal Immigrants Tell ABC, NBC Biden Is Why They’re Here


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It was bad news bears for the Biden administration on Sunday as the ABC’s This Week and NBC’s Sunday Today had to reluctantly admit that the crisis on the southern border was happening because of their policies. But it wasn’t some great moral epiphany that led the liberal media to finally tell the truth, it was the fact illegal immigrants themselves were saying they were crossing because President Biden told them the border was open.

With NBC spending the last week refusing to call what was happening at the border a crisis in any way, the network tried to make up for the lost time by throwing out the term at seemingly every opportunity. And correspondent Dasha Burns was the Rio Grande Valley where she whined about politicians playing “the border blame game.”

Burns spoke with one family, via a translator, who explained that they entered the United States illegally because they wanted to “take advantage of the opportunities” Biden was giving them.


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