Lemon: Trump Speech Was If a Student Wrote It with Words Trump’s Not Smart Enough to Know


<p><em>See more in the <a href="http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2017/03/01/lemon-trump…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the NewsBusters blog.</em></p>

<p>Early Wednesday morning,<em> CNN Tonight</em> host Don Lemon descended into the gutter by suggesting that President Donald Trump had no role in writing his speech to Congress because it sounded as though it was <strong>&ldquo;written by a college student for someone else trying to use big words&rdquo;</strong> Trump wasn&rsquo;t smart enough to understand.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Of course, as some might remember, this is the same CNN program that the President called out during his marathon February 16 press conference as being devoutly anti-Trump.&nbsp;</p>

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