Lemon LOSES IT: ‘We Need Some Indignation, We Need Outrage’

Donovan Newkirk | March 26, 2021
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On Thursday evening, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon suffered yet another anti-conservative meltdown on live television. He implored viewers to provide him with their undivided attention and to get “in front of the television, right now,” so they wouldn’t miss a second of his seventeen-minute rant about the newly passed voting legislation in the state of Georgia. The race-baiting anchor began by expressing his — and encouraging viewers to express their— outrage over the arrest of Georgia State Representative Park Cannon.

Lemon played a clip of Cannon being arrested for attempting to obstruct and preclude Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) from signing the voting reform bill into law. The video appears to depict Cannon knocking, several times, on the governor’s office door, after law enforcement officers repeatedly instructed her not to do so. Cannon is escorted out of the state capitol and taken into custody. After the clip, the leftist hack host rhetorically asked viewers how they “[felt] about that” and asked twice if they were “outraged."

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