Lemon Loses His Mind, Shouts Down Guest for NOT Bashing Trump Part 1


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CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was out of control as he raged against former Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) for not bashing President Trump’s Wednesday night address to the nation about the coronavirus crisis. At one point, Lemon was so infuriated that he told his guest that he wasn’t allowed to speak anymore. The triggering event? The White House had to issue a simple clarification about the travel ban from Europe.

“Listen, President Trump announced he was suspending travel from Europe to the U.S. CNN got clarification that it was about most foreign nationals, not U.S. residents. The President misrepresented the travel ban during his primetime address,” Lemon declared as if it was an intentional lie.

It almost seemed as though Lemon was upset that they couldn’t report that Trump was barring American citizens from coming home.

Kasich’s take was that the address was “fine” and walked Lemon through his evolution in how he came around to supporting the administration’s response to the crisis. “Listen, you said the President should stick to the script. I don't know if he stuck to the script or not. But whatever script he read was wrong because they've had to clarify it several times,” Lemon started to yell in response.

From there, Lemon began to scream about how terrible it was that the White House had to issue a clarification at all.


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