Lemon DEMANDS Social Media Regulate Opinions, Show Where His Critics Live

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 6, 2021
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CNN’s Don Lemon was completely incapable of airing truth and facts on his own program; but during Tuesday’s handoff with Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, he was demanding that social media companies like Facebook regulate peoples’ opinions because they might not “based in fact” according to him. He also wanted them to regulate what’s “true” and to show him where his critics lived. Meanwhile, Cuomo was calling for social media to upend a cornerstone of the internet and out their users.

After going at Facebook over their internal research showing how their service can be harmful to teens and questioning how their algorithm works (plus, once again suggesting Fox News didn’t report the truth), Cuomo decried how Lemon was using the word “regulation” because it would “trigger” people to be resistant.

This isn't about restricting your rights. It's about making sure that people do what they do right,” he proclaimed. Lemon wasn’t comfortable with that notion and suggested that “What is put on your platform, at the very least, should be true. Let's start there.


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