Lemon Claims BP Is Example of 'Systemic Racism,' Cuomo Defends 'Slavery' Smear

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 21, 2021
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After spending their Monday handoff disgustingly injection race into the Gabby Petito murder case, CNN host Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo finally addressed the Border Patrol “whipping” fake news scandal together Tuesday night. Of course, Lemon ignorantly suggested the images were an example of “systemic racism” in the department. And for his part, Cuomo defending his smears from the previous night when he asserted that a mounted Border Patrol agent belonged during slavery.

Those images are hard to watch. But isn’t that – isn’t that the whole idea about anything that is systemic? That it’s baked into the system,” Lemon declared as they kicked off the handoff. And according to him, everything about the situation pointed to a problem with Border Patrol:

Isn’t that evidence that the system needs to be reformed so that people, the border agents aren't put in that position so that people coming into this country aren't put in that position, that there’s a humane way to enter the country without people having to possibly come in to contact with people on horses and so on and so forth.

That's the definition of systemic, whatever it is. Systemic racism, systemic whatever. It's built into the system. The system is created or set up in a way that it isn't fair to anyone, really,” he sneered.


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