Lefty Singer on CBS: Abbott Wants to Make Black AND Gay People Disappear!

Curtis Houck | April 19, 2022
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

During a fawning segment on Monday’s CBS Mornings in which the co-hosts all but worshipped at her altar, singer-songwriter and author Jannelle Monáe claimed Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) is akin to the villain(s) in a story from her dystopian novel because he’s been trying to “eras[e]” Black and LGBT people because of his “law in Texas” that bans “talking about the LGBTQIA+ communities in books” and “bans critical race theory.”

Showing her detachment from reality, she was likely referring to Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), but since both are boogeymen of the far-left, we’ll roll with Abbott for this post.