Lefty Journalism Professor: Jimmy Kimmel ‘Will Save Health Care’

Kyle Drennen | May 9, 2017
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On Tuesday, left-wing City University of New York journalism professor Jeff Jarvis took to MSNBC’s 9 a.m. ET hour to celebrate late-night host Jimmy Kimmel supposedly being poised to “save health care” from Republican plans to repeal ObamaCare. Talking to anchor Stephanie Ruhle, Jarvis proclaimed: “The night he gave his first spiel on the show about his son I tweeted...that he will save health care.”

Ruhle began the segment by touting how Kimmel was “responding to critics on his first day back on the job after his passionate monologue about children’s health care” after he “was aggressively criticized by the right for his plea for affordable health care coverage.” She then brought on a panel of liberal guests – including Jarvis, Slate’s Mike Pesca, and Vanity Fair’s Bill Cohan – to praise the comedian and bash the GOP.

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