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Left-Wing 'Comedian' Samantha Bee Promotes 'Reproductive Justice,' aka Abortion


Once again, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee has apparently decided that her true passion is for left-wing politics, not comedy. On the most recent edition of the show, Bee and her “correspondent” Naomi Ekperigin traveled to the south to talk to pro-abortion activists. One of the pro-abortion activists proclaimed that "people are tired of the pro-choice/pro-life binary so that's why we've spliced together reproductive rights with concepts of social justice to create the phrase 'reproductive justice.'" Bee gave her take on "reproductive justice," describing how it "means returning abortion to an integrated part of healthcare." At this point, a "menu" appeared on the screen suggesting that abortion is not that much different than other medical services such as "behavioral health services, midwifery services, and pregnancy testing." This was eerily similar to Michelle Wolf's declaration that abortion "should be on the dollar menu at McDonald's." As the "menu" appeared on the screen, Bee noted "we're talking a full menu. I love sides."

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