LEAVING LAS BIDEN: CBS Interviews Dem-Skeptical Latinos In Nevada

MRC Latino | February 8, 2024
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ED O’KEEFE: Idania Archuleta, a new U.S. citizen who leans Democrat, is among them.

IDANIA ARCHULETA: I was excited when I became a citizen. I was like, yes, let's do it, you know? And now it's like, what do I do? 

O’KEEFE: She’d like to vote for the president, but -- 

ARCHULETA: There's just so many things that have been promised and we still haven’t really seen them. 

O’KEEFE: What hasn't Joe Biden done for you? 

ARCHULETA: Let's start with immigration. He has- there’s- I see so many people around me that I see them struggle. He promised in the beginning, and we didn't see that. We are still in the same situation.