Lawrence O'Donnell: Let's Take a Look at a Graphic of Rush Limbaugh's Sex Life!

Geoffrey | March 2, 2012
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Lawrence O’Donnell, on the March 1, 2012 edition of MSNBC's The Last Word, actually had his production team make up a graphic of Rush Limbaugh’s sex life. As a way to mock the conservative talk radio host’s take on a Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, who petitioned Congress for subsidized birth control, the MSNBC host and his panel looked over a timeline of Limbaugh’s marital history. O'Donnell snarked: “Throughout that entire interpersonal sex life he has produced exactly zero children. So this is a man who has not only been practicing birth control for well over 30 years, he has perfected it.” Then O’Donnell’s colleague Alex Wagner got into the act when she added: “It’s probably good...that there have not been offspring from Rush’s many unions.” For more please visit

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