Laughable: Colbert, Guests Try to Portray Biden, Harris as 'Rockefeller Republicans'

Ryan Foley | August 14, 2020
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On The Late Show Thursday, host Stephen Colbert had two co-hosts of Showtime's The Circus as guests: Mark McKinnon and Alex Wagner.  Wagner was obviously giddy about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate, praising her "incredible interpersonal skills." Not surprisingly, the trio recycled liberal talking points about President Trump using "misogynist, sexist attacks" against Harris, with Wagner claiming that Trump calling Harris a "mad woman" was "doubling down on that...age-old stereotype of the angry black woman." Perhaps what was most laughable was the attempt to portray Biden and Harris as moderates. According to Colbert, "When I was a kid, we would have called Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Rockefeller Republicans." Both of his guests agreed wholeheartedly. This line of thinking advances the narrative that the Republican Party has moved far to the right while ignoring the fact that the Democratic Party has moved far to the left. 

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