Krauthammer Slams Media Double Standard on Inauguration Boycotts; ‘Heads Would Explode’


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<p>Near the end of Thursday&rsquo;s<em> Special Report </em>on the Fox News Channel, conservative syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer fired back at<em> USA Today</em> writer Susan Page touting Democratic boycotts of the Trump inauguration as <strong>&ldquo;pretty powerful&rdquo;</strong> by exposing this massive media double standard if the party roles were reversed.</p>

<p>Before Krauthammer and host Bret Baier jumped in, Page argued that this boycott wouldn&rsquo;t be a big deal if no one said anything because<strong> &ldquo;[i]f 64 Democratic members of Congress didn&#39;t show up for the inauguration, we wouldn&rsquo;t have noticed.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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