Koppel Exposes Danger of Cancel Culture: ‘Social Weapon’ for ‘Political Warfare’


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While many in the liberal media would either deny the existence of cancel culture or preach its perverse virtue, famous journalist Ted Koppel submitted a fairly balanced piece for CBS Sunday Morning that called out how many used cancel culture as a “social weapon” against their enemies in “political warfare.” In doing so, he discussed why it was used as a tool for many and why it was seen as a problem to many more.

Koppel started out with one of the earliest examples of seeing someone “canceled” first hand in his career. It was former L.A. Dodgers Vice President Al Campanis, who appeared on Nightline with Koppel in 1987 and said blacks didn’t have what it took to be managers in Major League Baseball. “Two days later, he was fired. We might say he was canceled,” Koppel quipped.

“Cancel culture, as it is called these days, is a social weapon that has served the outrage of both the left and the right,” Koppel said while playing clips of The View co-host Sunny Hostin and OAN host Pearson Sharp. His next example of someone getting canceled was former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a campaign to have players kneel during the national anthem to protest police.

Proclaiming that “the term ‘cancel culture’ has become the Swiss army knife of political warfare,” Koppel played a montage of left and right-leaning hosts and pundits decrying the act and pointed out how ridiculous it had gotten.


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