King: Trump Won't Condemn Racist Policing, RNC Diversity 'A Mirage'

Alex Christy | September 1, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] After President Trump spoke with reporters at Joint Base Andrews on Tuesday, CNN Newsroom host John King condemned him for exclusively focusing on matters of law and order to the exclusion of race-based police shootings and that efforts to portray a diverse party at the RNC were 'a mirage.'

Conducting the segment with GOP strategist Alice Stewart and a chyron that read, "America in Crisis: Trump makes inflammatory comments amid unrest, violence in cities," King inflammatorily declared, "he says I'm about law and order and he's right, African-Americans would like less crime in their neighbors, Latino Americans would like less crime in their neighborhood but nowhere -- there was an opportunity for the president to say they would also like not to be pulled over because they are black and brown and they would like not to fear that their sons or daughters might get shot in the back seven times because they are black or brown."