King: 'Trump Sometimes Sounds Like a Wallace or Nixon'

Alex Christy | June 16, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On Tuesday's CNN Newsroom, host John King discussed with Princeton Professor Julian Zelizer how President Trump and current protest movements fit into the idea that politics is like a pendulum. According to King, President Trump could be compared to the former segregationist George Wallace, who himself was once a beneficiary of the pendulum effect, "This president sometimes sounds like a Wallace or Nixon in his rhetoric."

Zelizer had been talking about Monday's Supreme Court ruling and it they showed "certain progressive impulses." That coupled with the "movement that is also pushing the issue of institutional racism to the forefront of public discussion" indicated to Zelizer that "this is not an aberration that we might be moving into a different kind of political period than we have lived through since the Reagan presidency."

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