Kimmel Rejoices In Trump's Guilty Verdict

Alex Christy | May 31, 2024
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ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel had the distinction of being the only late night host on the air on Thursday to react to former President Donald Trump’s New York conviction. Naturally, he and his audience were quite thrilled with Kimmel dreaming about putting the jury on the Supreme Court and being thankful that “this guy” got “some comeuppance.”

Kimmel began his show by reporting, “We have a verdict in the case of the people versus O.J., I mean, D.J. Donald John Trump is guilty of 34 felony charges! After seven long weeks, the courtroom is empty and Donald Trump's diaper is full.”

Since there were no cameras allowed in the courtroom, Kimmel donned a robe and did a sketch with sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez pretending to be the jury foreman, “On the first charge of falsifying business records?”

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