Kimmel Lobs Softballs, Harris Compares Pro-Lifers To Molesters, Slave Owners

Alex Christy | June 5, 2024
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Last election cycle, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel brought on his wife to sound a literal alarm that people need to vote for Democrats in order to save abortion. On Tuesday, he invited Vice President Kamala Harris to do the same. Throughout, Kimmel would put the ball on the tee for Harris while she would compare pro-lifers to molesters and slavers.

Kimmel began with the softest possible question, “I want to start with reproductive rights. You're for them, yes?”

After Harris affirmed she does support abortion, Kimmel continued, “They are being threatened. I mean, not just threatened, but you know, Roe v. Wade, we know what happened with the Supreme Court. It is—is this something that you ever imagined would happen in your lifetime?”

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