Kimmel Invokes Hunter To Try To Discredit Criticisms Of Trump Verdict

Alex Christy | June 4, 2024
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Monday provided many of the late night comedians with their first opportunities to react to former President Trump being found guilty in his New York trial. They invoked everything from advent calendars holding whiskey to Blu-ray recorders to bad Hunter Biden analogies to applaud the verdict and attack Republicans for condemning it.


ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel was the only one on the air last week, but he kept going on Monday, “And somehow, somehow even though Joe Biden has weaponized the American justice system to-- using them as puppets to prosecute his rivals, somehow this one that could get his son 25 years in prison slipped through his iron grip. I mean, how does this happen? Last week, he had the whole legal system rigged! Now, he's powerless, I guess. Meanwhile, his future cellmate-- Hunter Biden's--, Donald Janice Trump, made his first outing after his guilty verdict.”

Then there was NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, who claimed on The Tonight Show, “They were going to put him in an orange jumpsuit, but it felt redundant. The big question now is whether Trump will get jail time or house arrest. If he's sentenced to jail, Melania will be inside the courtroom chanting, ‘Four more years. Four more!’" 

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