Kimmel: Florida 'Don't Say Gay' Law Made 'To Get Dumb People Excited'

Alex Christy | April 14, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On his Wednesday show on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel declared that if you support Florida’s new law that prohibits K-3 discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity, it is because you are dumb. He also rolled out show writer Louis Virtel to call Gov. Ron DeSantis and others everything from “dumb” to “homophobic.”

Kimmel based his name-calling on the idea that legislation attempts to solve a problem that doesn’t exist, “Florida, as you probably know, has become ground zero for these controversial "Don't say gay" laws that are cropping up all of a sudden everywhere as if we're in some kind of gay emergency, but the law passed in Florida forbids—forbids-- elementary school teachers from even discussing sexual orientation in the classroom. Which was obviously not a big problem in the first place. This is a political move designed to get dumb people excited.”

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