Kimmel Decries 'Right-Wingers' That 'Spew Poison' During Pride Month

Alex Christy | June 6, 2024
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As June rolls on, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel lamented on Wednesday that Pride Month gives conservatives an excuse to “spew poison.” Kimmel’s answer to this was to mock the conservative response to Peacock’s Queer Planet documentary with an ad for “The Straight Zoo,” complete with footage of gorilla and donkey sex.

Kimmel lamented, “Pride Month unfortunately is a great excuse for some of these right-wingers to spew poison. The new thing they're pretending to be very outraged by is an animal documentary that premieres tomorrow on Peacock called Queer Planet.

The ad for Queer Planet included a narrator declaring that “It's clear that no matter where you look on our planet, nature is full of queer surprises. Gay penguins, bisexual lions. Sex-changing clownfish.”

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