Kellyanne Conway Confronts The View, Calls Out Sell-Out Conservative

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 24, 2022
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During a contentious appearance on ABC’s The View on Tuesday, former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway frazzled the cast in the way only she can. There to promote her new book, Here’s the Deal, Conway confronted the liberals with President Biden’s failures and blasted the liberal media for targeting her family. She also called out sell-out conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin for abandoning conservative principles for her own selfish interests.

Early in the interview, while talking about the controversy the liberal media stirred up with her family, Conway called out the creepy ones who slithered into her daughter’s direct messages. “What I don't appreciate and will never forgive or forget are a bunch of adults direct messaging from my 15-year-old daughter without even trying to reach easy-to-reach parents, it's outrageous,” she noted.

Conway called out doxxer and generally scummy “journalist” Taylor Lorenz (click “expand”):

And it was certainly started with this Peter Pan, Taylor Lorenz at The New York Times. But she wasn't alone. I’ve seen the direct messages. People just contacting my daughter. I would never contact your children.

By the way, are we supposed to feel better if it was a 35-year-old man contacting Claudia at 1:00 a.m. and promising her fame, fortune, attention?