Kelly, Kurtz Unload on Media for ‘Ludicrous’ Complaints over Terrorist Photo; ‘No One Gives a Crap’

Curtis Houck | December 8, 2015
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Ripping members of the liberal media who’ve criticized press outlets for publishing photos of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik wearing a hijab, Fox News host Megyn Kelly teamed with guest Howard Kurtz on Monday night to excoriate the “ludicrous” line of thinking by Melissa Harris-Perry and an Al Jazeera producer (among others) that even led Kelly to exclaim that “[n]o one gives a crap about that.”

Kelly prefaced the takedown by pointing out how some in the media “have decided to focus on defending the killers” only after they originally thought that the San Bernardino terror attack “was workplace violence” or “an assault on Planned Parenthood or the work of right-winged conservatives.”

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