‘Keeping Them Honest:’ McEnany RIPS CNN’s ‘Fake News’ on Husband


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Beclowning himself once again during the so-called “Keeping The Honest” segment of Wednesday’s AC360, CNN host Anderson Cooper used his opening diatribe to lash out at not just White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, but her husband too, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Sean Gilmartin. Showing a picture of him at the day’s briefing, Cooper tried to shame him for not wearing a mask and lied about him loudly cheering on his wife.

And in an effort to keep Cooper honest, McEnany subsequently took to Twitter to call him out for spreading “Fake News.”

Suggesting that McEnany and the rest of the White House didn’t live in “the real world, the one we are living and dying in,” Cooper threw a hissy fit about the Press Secretary saying that if radical liberals could riot and destroy (egged on by CNN) without worrying about the virus, then average Americans could celebrate Christmas together.

As she left the briefing room, a voice was heard to say, ‘You crushed it, Kayleigh.’ It was her husband. He’d been there the entire time in the cramped space,” Cooper claimed. A video of Gilmartin standing in the back of the room with his arms crossed flashed on the screen. A circle appeared around him, like CNN was trying to point out the second shooter on the grassy knoll.


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