Keep America Miserable: CBS Scoffs at Thought of Economy Improving


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While Wednesday’s CBS Evening News was the only broadcast newscast that night to report on the stock market’s rally following a breakthrough with coronavirus fighting drug Remdesivir, they threw cold water on anyone who dared to have hopeful thoughts about the economy improving.

“But even as the market rises, the economy is in a tailspin,” declared anchor Norah O’Donnell. “New numbers out today reveal the GDP, that’s the broadest measure of the nation's output, fell for the first time in six years.”

CBS’s attitude against an improving economy went beyond just stating the numbers. Anti-Trump White House correspondent Weijia Jiang actively scoff at and disprove President Trump’s hopeful predictions. “President Trump is brushing off those numbers saying he can feel a pent-up demand to stimulate the economy, so he's looking ahead to the fourth quarter,” she told O’Donnell ahead of the video portion of her report.

President Trump offered an optimistic forecast for the U.S. economy (…) But that does not match the dire conditions on the ground,” she sneered. What Jiang was trying to debunk was a comment Trump made to the press while in the Oval Office. “We had the best economy ever, and we're going to have it again.”


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