Kandahar Joy Reid Insists U.S. Is Doing a ‘Thorough Job,’ Dismisses Criticism as Bad-Faith

Curtis Houck | August 25, 2021
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

After having ignored Afghanistan on Monday’s show, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid circled back to being a Biden flunkie insisting all is going well for the Biden administration on Afghanistan, saying they’ve done “a thorough job” in Kabul despite a lack of “burden-sharing” on the part of NATO allies.

Reid also made sure to level bad-faith attacks on Team Biden (with some help from MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance), saying the only way critics would be satisfied with what’s transpired in Afghanistan would be Biden “promis[ing] to leave troops in there for another 20 years.”

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