Judge Jeanine Highlights Latest Development in Clinton E-Mail Investigation, Which Non-Fox Outlets Ignored

Ryan Foley | December 10, 2018
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During Saturday's edition of Justice With Judge Jeanine, host Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton about his legal victory regarding the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, where "a federal judge apparently gave Judicial Watch...the ability to do additional fact finding into whether Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail server was deliberate and an effort to thwart Freedom of Information."  Pirro opened the segment by highlighting the other networks' silence on this important development, saying to Fitton: "I want to talk to you about a decision that didn't make a lot of news but to me is extremely significant." Fitton went to explain that the federal judge has "authorized Judicial Watch to take discovery into what Mrs. Clinton was doing and how the State Department and the Justice Department were handling the e-mail system and the results of our request." According to Fitton, the judge's order allows Judicial Watch to "take testimony of witnesses and gather documents."

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