Joy Reid Fawns Over Pete Buttigieg, Nothing But Softball Questions

Donovan Newkirk | February 5, 2021
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On Thursday evening, MSNBC’s Joy Reid proudly conducted Pete Buttigieg’s first televised interview since being confirmed and sworn in as the new Secretary of Transportation. Before asking him a series of extremely vague, softball questions, The ReidOut host gushed over how great Buttigieg is for the cabinet position.

The race-obsessed host gushed over the fact that the first black, female vice president swore in Buttigieg, a gay man. Reid also raved over the fact that the Biden administration and Buttigieg are committed to propagating and effectuating social justice via the transportation department. Reid doesn’t care about or want a color-blind approach with policies that benefit all Americans—she only cares about those who look, or at least think, like her.

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