Jorge Ramos Still Refuses To Admit Disorderly Conduct at Trump Presser

MRC Latino | April 10, 2017
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JORGE RAMOS, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Mr. Trump, I have a question about immigration. Your immigration plan is 

DONALD TRUMP: Ok, who’s next? [signaling to reporter with hand up] Yeah, please.

JORGE RAMOS: Mr. Trump, I have a question.

DONALD TRUMP: Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.

JORGE RAMOS: I am an immigrant 

DONALD TRUMP: [signaling to other reporter with hand up]: Go ahead.

JORGE RAMOS: I have the right to ask a question.

DONALD TRUMP: No, you don’t. You haven’t been called.

JORGE RAMOS: I have the right to ask a question.

DONALD TRUMP: Go back to Univision. [signaling other reporter] Go ahead.

JORGE RAMOS: This is the question.

 DONALD TRUMP: [signaling bodyguard Keith Schiller] Go ahead.

JORGE RAMOS: You cannot deport 11 million, Mr. Trump. You cannot deport 11 million people. You cannot erect a 1900 mile wall. You cannot deny citizenship to children in this country.

DONALD TRUMP: Sit down, please. You weren't called.

JORGE RAMOS: I’m a reporter and I have the right. [to bodyguard Keith Schiller] Don’t touch me, sir. Don’t touch me.


KEITH SCHILLER, BODYGUARD: Please don't disrupt. You're being disruptive.

JORGE RAMOS: You cannot touch me. I have the right to ask a question.

KEITH SCHILLER: [leading Ramos out of the room] Yes, in order.