Jorge Ramos Pitches Illegal Immigration As A Civil Right

MRC Latino | October 5, 2019
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JORGE RAMOS: The national civil rights movement has come to the southern border. Leaders of all religious faiths are coming together to course-correct America. 


REV. WILLIAM BARBER: It is a dangerous moment for America because he is on a trail to undo many things that took hundreds of years to win in the first place. So I think this moment is a moment where the question is, “what will we be as America?” 


RAMOS: Answering that question means putting immigrants and refugees at the center of the civil rights movement.


It’s been 56 years since the March on Washington.


DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING: I have a dream today.


RAMOS: 55 years since the Civil Rights Act was passed.


PRESIDENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON: This Civil Rights Act is a challenge to all of us.

RAMOS: And 54 years since the signing of the Voting Rights Act:


JOHNSON: Millions of Americans are denied the right to vote because of their color.


RAMOS: More than half a century later, the country doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of a more perfect union.


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