Jorge Ramos Panders to Anti-Gun Millennials

MRC Latino | July 23, 2018
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JORGE RAMOS: I think, honestly, that our generation failed you. Because we made it normal. Whenever there’s a shooting we say, “Oh, there’s just another shooting.” And we move on. But you know something? You didn’t move on.

EMMA GONZÁLEZ: Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.

JORGE RAMOS: This generation didn’t move on. They want change, and they’re gonna make it.

ACTIVIST: She’s registering to vote for her birthday!

CROWD: Wooo!

JORGE RAMOS: Now, as parents, what I think we did right is to give you a good example of what it is to be a good leader and to take responsibility. So now it’s not on us- it’s on you. And I truly believe that you are gonna change this country.

ALEX KING: Us hurting together brings us closer together to fight for something better.

KAYLENE CASTILLO : People shouldn’t have to lose their lives due to this.

JOSEPH LAVIGNE: There are solutions and, you know, it should never happen again.

LEONOR MUÑOZ: The generations before us, you know, they kind of left us with a big mess. We’re showing everyone that change can happen.

AALAYAH EASTMOND: All of our stories need to be heard. No matter what color you are, what school you go to, what neighborhood you live in.

JORGE RAMOS: If the future of this country depends on young people like this, I truly believe that we will be in good hands.