Jorge Ramos Is PAINED By Amnesty Being Left Out Of Border Deal

MRC Latino | January 28, 2024
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JORGE RAMOS: I want to ask you about the negotiations in Washington, in Congress, for an immigration package that, if approved, would allow U.S. aid to Ukraine. Democrats and Republicans apparently do not agree, and it surprises and pains me, Congressman, that at no time in the conversations is there any talk of legalizing undocumented immigrants. It appears that this has been cast aside.

US REP. HENRY CUELLAR: Yes, I totally support immigration reform, I support the DREAM Act- the DREAMers, I support DACA, I support a temporary work (permit) where they can come to work, I support all of this, but you know that the Republicans who, right now they control the House of Representatives, they don't want to talk about immigration reform, they just want to talk about border security, and that is the problem we have - which for me is a complete package that we must see, but right now, very frankly, the Republicans control the House of Representatives, and they just want to talk about the border and nothing else.