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John Podhoretz Brings the Truth on Voter Fraud to Liberal Panel


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The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was in New Hampshire on Tuesday to look into the state’s same-day voting system. And in the wake of their inquiries, the liberals of MSNBC were up in arms with claims of voter suppression and denials of voter fraud existing at all. But Commentary magazine Editor John Podhoretz laid out the facts regarding the reality of voter fraud during MSNBC’s MTP Daily.

After coming back from a commercial break, moderator Chuck Todd played a clip of Kansas Secretary State Kris Kobach, the vice chairman of the commission explaining why they were there:

Simply looking at some of the numbers, hard statistics about individuals who used an out of state driver's license to vote on the same day, register and vote on the same day in New Hampshire. This has been an issue the legislature has been grappling with for some time here.


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