John Oliver HATES Israel: Spews Vile at Country’s ‘Apartheid,’ ‘F***ing War Crimes’

Scott Whitlock | May 17, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] HBO host John Oliver spewed hate at the Jews of Israel on Sunday, foaming about the “apartheid” and “fucking war crimes” of the country. He lashed out at ally United States for having “blood on its hands.” The comedy-free rant got uncomfortable when Oliver cited as sources the bigoted U.N Human Rights Council and a journalist who, just last week, implied Israel didn’t have a right to exist. On Last Week Tonight, he raged about the country’s response to rocket attacks by Hamas: “While Israel insisted that there were military targets in that building and that they'd destroyed it as humanely as possible, even warning people to evacuate beforehand. For the record, destroying a civilian residence sure seems like a war crime regardless of whether you send a courtesy heads-up text.”

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